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Youth empowerment consortium

Youth Empowerment Consobraun series 7 headrtium is a работа registered Company in Ghana and the UK and operates as a
none governmental http://www.jobitel.com/ organization with the goal of promoting youth найти работу в краснодаре involvement and participation in
Governance and Socio Economic Development efforts by nurturing работа , training and mentoring aspiring
young political работа leaders, students, social activist, young and entrepreneurs and all http://www.jobitel.com youth of African
Descent for transformational leadership.

There are two работа в спб factors in National Development. There is the Hardware which is Infrastructural
Development(Roads, schools, Hospitals etc) and there is the Software which is Human Capital. The
youth forms largest population mass of most countries of the world and yet they are the most
neglected and marginalised in the Development aspirations because keto body tone of age, lack of experience, limited
opportunities and lack of direction to harness their lives passions, develop their passions and deploy
them profitably .

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E-mail: info@theyouthempowerment.org
E-mail: info@theyouthempowerment.org








To raise value based, no excuse leaders of Responsibility, integrity, compassion and excellence https://jobitel.com who
will transform their families, organisation communities and the Nations of the World.

https://myvulkan-clubs.com/ramses-ii/* To train primarily youth in productive cultural principles require to strengthen their families,
organizations, communities, institutions and Nations. These skills include but not limited to :
character of Excellence, integrity, compassion and responsibility, critical thinking skills, social skills
including conflict management and resolution skills, strategic planning skills, quality management
skills, political and governance skills and understanding the seven pillars of Society and how they Are
interrelated ; and how to discover life passion within these seven spheres of society and prepare
adequately to fulfil their passions skillfully and profitably . All these through a motivated Youthful

YEC Vision

The transformation of individuals(Youth), families, organisations, communities and Nations to their
highest levels of performance and Achievement.

This will be achieved through training and deployment of value – based, non excuse leaders through
the seven spheres of society. These are Youth and ordinary people of the world who will proffer
performance instead of pronouncement, expertise and competence instead of title and positions; be
involved in pioneering bold and innovative initiatives towards community and national development
instead of seeking handout, offer compassionate hands to their people instead of dictatorship, control
and abuse and leave lasting legacies in their lifetime instead of failures , excuses and shame. These
will be the characteristics of all Youth who will go through our leadership Models..

Our Strategic Approach

Core Values

Yec’s core values are : Responsibility, integrity, compassion and Excellence(Rice).
This connotes that Yec aims to produce youth MPs, Ministers, Ambassadors and Entrepreneurs etc
known for their responsibility in action, integrity in character, compassion in outlook and excellence in
program and projects execution.

Board of Trustees

The management Team of Youth Empowerment Consortium consist of Accomplished and Successful
Youth across all facet of Life. They are passionate and resilient individuals which did encountered
similar challenges facing Youth in Africa but thrived. Their goal is to stand as pillars in raising the next
generation of transformational leaders for global impact.

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Professor Vincent Anigbogu

Chairman of the Board of Trustee

Honourable Elvis Morris Donkoh


Pastor Mrs Gladys Ofori Addo

Board Member

Dr David Ogbeuli

Board Member

Edward Marfo

General Secretary and Director In charge of Models Implementation

Evan Eghan

Executive Chairman ( International Relations and Political Affairs)

Dr Mrs Shirley Adu Ama Boahene

Executive Director ( Partnerships and Membership Applications Affairs)

Dr Mrs Bernice Mantey Nartey

Deputy Secretary ( Administration and Corporate Affairs).

Enock Eli Diez

Head of Communications and Francophone Laison