‘Is it normal to get sore down here after sex? ’

‘Is it normal to get sore down here after sex? ’


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I must understand is an ongoing show for teenagers searching for dependable, confidential advice about life’s tricky concerns. For you if you’re a teen, send us your questions about sex, drugs, health and relationships, and we’ll ask an expert to answer it.

Hi! We only recently have gotten a boyfriend and have now started having sex that is regular. After 2 or even more times, it begins to get yourself a bit sore down there. Is normal? I simply assumed it had been discomfort from friction, but We don’t understand if that’s right and I’ve never desired assistance as it’s a bit embarrassing!

Sandra, 17, in Sydney

Key points

  • Intercourse should not harm
  • If it can, inform anyone to avoid
  • Get examined by a GP or health that is sexual to ensure it is not at all something that should be treated – better safe than sorry.

Hi, and many thanks for the concern! You’re perhaps not alone to find that sex is not constantly straightforward. By intercourse, i suppose you suggest sexual intercourse. Exactly just What I’m perhaps not yes about is where you mean by “down there”. In a woman’s human body, down there clearly was a lot of places!

No matter what to start with, sex shouldn’t hurt, and if it does, a good tip is to say“stop! The aftermath of intercourse should alson’t hurt – whether it is two mins, couple of hours or two times later on.

Also very strenuous sexual intercourse where there’s plenty of friction must not really harmed. It may happen if there’s not enough natural (or synthetic) lubrication or if there’s some muscle tissue stress into the vagina. Both these is indications of perhaps not being completely aroused (fired up) ahead of time or while having sex, or being a little anxious about making love.

A new partner or relationship may bring some anxiety for every person. It may impact the method a woman’s human body ( or even a man’s) gets stimulated and exactly how sex that is comfortable. Good interaction along with your partner by what seems good is truly helpful.

When you have background be concerned about intimately sent infections (STIs) or maternity, that may certainly impact satisfaction of sex. Getting equipped with knowledge and gear to stop any undesired effects of intercourse must certanly be a routine element of getting right into a relationship for both events.

The explanation for your discomfort additionally is based on where it really is – will it be during the opening for the vagina, or any other areas of the vulva? Will it be associated with peeing, and is it constantly into the exact same spot?

Swelling (redness and soreness) could cause discomfort – this might be in the vagina such as for example having a thrush illness (that will be perhaps perhaps not intimately sent) or through the epidermis within the vulva (that could be from dermatitis or a skin ailment).

Some STIs distress within the area that is genital as an example herpes (due to the cold sore virus), you could be prone to spot the sores aswell. A common STI such as for instance chlamydia usually does not have any signs, but may cause discomfort higher up into the pelvic area or once you wee. An ailment called vulvodynia causes pain that is chronic not merely from making love – it is also set off by the conditions stated earlier.

You deserve become enjoying a pleased and healthy sex-life, rather than experiencing ashamed about perhaps one of the most normal experiences on the planet – even in the event it is not necessarily going appropriate. It’s essential you are doing get advice that is personal because this could possibly be a thing that requires therapy. It will be good to own a health care provider or intimate wellness center check-up, and also this could all be done entirely confidentially.

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