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Yec Model Parliament & Model Cabinet


The current leadership models are designed to equip one for transformational leadership. Yec
leadership Parliament and Cabinet is the biggest platform for empowering youth into
governance and leadership in Africa.
Youth Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers who represents their communities,
organisations and institutions move motions to debate core issues of governance, national
policies, socio economic policies which by far affect the present and future dynamics of
National growth and Development; in order to influence government decisions for better
development of young people, communities, and Nations.


Within our Model Parliament are Youth MPs from the 275 constituencies in the case of Ghana
and Youth Ministers of State who Highlights the concerns and challenges of Young people
such as Youth and political Violence, Youth Unemployment, National Development Policies,
Political Parties Manifestos, State of the Economy, Youth Contribution to Economic growth
and National Development, Challenges in their communities and design alternative solutions
which they implement as their project..


They Are therefore able to examine leadership paradigms and their consequences, they
examine different models of Nation building principles and from that understands what Africa
can do to develop in this season..
We therefore give opportunities to young people within the ages of 16 to 40 as they engage
policy makers, Design a community project which they implement with the support of Yec
through it’s ( Youth Projects for Community Change Initiative). By these leadership Models,
we give our members a voice that travels beyond the shores of Politics without necessarily
been politically affiliated..
We are able to achieve our goals through Regional parliamentary sittings, National Sittings,
Conferences, Seminars, Youth Camps and Events, And with the help of Digital technologies;
we hold webinars for members using specialised App




It’s operations are on these pillars ;
The Diplomats Model offer a platform where young people are giving some training towards their
career and also fulfil their full potentials. Through conferences, Simulations, Mentoring and Exchange
programs. Members and participants acquire new skills and opportunities which make them better
equipped for personal and National transformation.
This is achieved through the right training and grooming in community , National and Global issues
and no other bodies than the United Nations, African Union, Ecowas and other platforms which offer
stages for discussions of issues affecting communities, nations and the globe.
As the Youth today will be heading these institutions tomorrow, it’s therefore necessary that the
capacity is built practically so that when they get the opportunity to lead, they can serve their people
Against this background of raising and training Transformational leaders for such generational impact
that the Youth Empowerment Consortium run it Youth Diplomats programs.
This platform and program gives global youth the opportunity to play roles as Ambassadors of
Nations, Communities, institutions and Organisations..
We run this as a program and not just an Event.
Under The Diplomats Model is the Yec Educational Exchange program ( YEEP). The program connects
our members and delegates to other leadership Models and programs in other parts of Africa, Europe,
Asia and the Americas. We want young people to get connected so that they can learn from other
cultures and environments. This fosters understanding of the difference in problems and
opportunities available to others and this breeds compassion in worldview and empathy.
Again, through the YEC National advisory and Mentorship Engagement program (YNAMEP), we bridge
the gab between the young and the Experienced in the Society. Critical to YNAMEP purpose is to
provide an avenue where young people and experienced in the community are paired so that each
other will be impacted positively. These Experienced include but not limited to; Ex- government and
current officials, MPs, Diplomats, Retired Heads of Corporations, Clergy and Etc.
No ONE MAKES IT ALONE. With this program we wish to foster the growth and development high
quality mentoring for young people in our communities by providing a National and international
base for collaboration, support, guidance and expertise..
We also identify sensitive and important human rights issues in our societies, conduct research and
ascertain the cause, consequence, the way forward and run meaningful campaigns just as UNESCO
and UNHCR does..


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