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2011 /
Summary – The Help is a movie starring Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer. An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s decides to write a book detailing the African American maids’ point of view on the white /
Tate Taylor /
Kathryn Stockett

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I hate this movie. I hate everything about it. As a college educated, married, faithful Black Man in America I am here to say I’m slave tired of these “step n’ fetch it” roles. These are the kind of depictions that Hollywood and white America seems to LOVE to see my sons and daughters emulate. But a film like The Great Debaters gets virtually ignored. Oh I get it. I’m just tired of it.
The FACT that Black people are – mired in the abyss – of abject poverty, disproportionate incarceration and homicide rates, drug addiction, lack of education and inadequate housing is not fictional entertainment – but REALITY. I understand Black America is not a monolith, but the socioeconomic and sociocultural status of the Black America I speak of is in real trouble. Viola Davis is a fantastic actor but her talent is wasted in The Help. Black Americans need STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL and PROGRESSIVE IMAGES IN FILM! Hello. The Mammy character is dead. The Uncle Tom character is dead. or should be. Let’s move forward.
I’m not sure what Black America you THINK you know, but the Black America I know is one of profound sadness. This is 2012! Not 1960! Have you ever spent anytime at all in an inner city ghetto? Have you ever seen project tenements in Kansas City, MO, Memphis, TN or Atlanta, GA? You’ve been BAMBOOZLED (a movie that should have won an Oscar) into thinking that all Black Americans are well educated and financially secure. Most Black people aren’t lawyers, musicians, rappers or professional athletes. Black men are in fact more likely to be in prison than in college. Why is that?
One of my greatest wishes is for gifted and talented Black actors, directors and producers to pool their intellectual and financial resources, devising ways to create better images and stories for the Black community instead of feeding into a racist Hollywood that does not (and has NEVER) had our best interests at heart.
Be honest with yourself. Hollywood and their corporate sponsors could give a rats ass about the Black community, but they don’t mind striping our daughters naked.
Doesn’t anyone else see a problem when the only way Black Actors can become so-called “successful. is when they either sell out in an interracial relationship, have sex with Billy Bob Thornton on screen or sell degrading images of their people as being pimps, drug dealers, whores, gangsters, buffoons and. maids?
If you have any shred of self-respect you will stay away from not only this movie The Help, but every movie like it. Rent and/or buy Bamboozled and The Great Debaters instead. You’ll feel better.

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